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We have so many creative and talented individuals here at Expat Dating; authors, painters, sculptors, filmmakers and photographers (apologies if we've left anyone out, and if we have, let us know!) we thought it was about time to showcase some of your exceptional talent.

The very first of our new feature is brought to you by author Angela Baggi - The Art of Moving in France. Angela moved to France in 2005 and documented the ups and downs of buying, renovating and selling multiple properties. It's an incredible and empowering read, not least because Angela was and still is a single woman who, in her own words, had no proficiency in the French language nor experience in real estate or renovations.

Angela hopes her inspiring book will encourage people to be determined, audacious, to follow their dreams and never give up.

Here is an excerpt from the book. Like what you read? The Art of Moving in France is available to own and cherish here.

  In the same street but three houses further along from me lived a wonderful French woman who spoke perfect English and she had an old female Labrador who got on well with Mel... more

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