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We’re betting you can spot a cut and paste profile from a mile away. They say things like, ‘fun loving,’ ‘laid back,’ and ‘adventurous.’ But take note, if you can spot them easily, others can also see the amount of effort you’ve put into your own profile! If your profile is a list of adjectives that could describe almost anyone, you’re not going to have the kind of success you’re hoping for.

It’s so important, but it isn’t always easy. Here are our best tips for writing a delicious and juicy profile sure to spark interest in getting to know you better.

1. Try handwriting your profile first

It’s incredibly possible that the computer isn’t your medium.  Maybe yours is the page.  Try writing your profile as a letter to a new friend. Flexing the writing muscle may be easier through the physical act of putting pen to paper rather than finger tips and key strokes.  If it gets the creative juices flowing, don’t hold back.

2. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

Literally:  fortune favours the bold.  You simply can’t be afraid to state clearly and precisely what you are looking for. If you can’t communicate clearly who you are, you’re going to attract such a wide variety of people that you’re likely to become overwhelmed.
But rather than be so specific and rigid that you eliminate 98% of the pool, try a more philosophical approach.  Instead of this:

I’m looking for a tall, nature loving guy to share my life with.  Must be ok with children and no older than 55.”

Try this:

I believe in the healing power of nature. I know I’m most grounded when I’m spending time outside with my kids.

Try writing some practice sentences that begin with ‘I believe….’ or ‘I wish….’

3. Focus on what’s important

Sometimes the problem isn’t that you can’t think of what to say. The problem is that you can’t stop yourself from listing absolutely every experience you’ve had!  Your profile should highlight the 3-4 things that are most important to you. You could start with four adjectives that best describe you and flesh those out into full sentences or anecdotes. Or, if you’re still having trouble, make a list of everything that you think is important to you – then pull out the four absolutely most important in order to craft your profile.

4. Positivity is a must

Sometimes, especially if you’ve recently had a bad experience, it can be easy to list all the things you don’t want. Avoid this compulsion because it almost always leaves a sour taste in the reader’s mouth. 
Instead of this:

“No casual hook ups or unemployed men.”

Try this:

“My dream is to find someone ready for a serious commitment.  I believe in being monogamous.  If this is you too, let’s talk.”

5. 200 words is just right

One well written, clear paragraph is better than four. You’re trying to catch someone’s interest and make them curious to know more.  There’s plenty of time for the details later.

6. Playfulness and flirtatiousness are OK

Most of us aren’t bold enough to flirt with a complete stranger.  It’s just not how we were raised.  But we are (or can be) playful with friends and acquaintances.  So, give yourself permission to be a bit flirtatious in your profile.  Let go of the fear of seeming tacky or desperate.  People are looking for icebreakers – help them out by providing a fun conversation starter in your profile. Instead of this:

“Message me if you want to make a new friend and see where it goes.”

Try this:

“If you decide to message me, I want to know what the favourite part of your day was."

7. A picture is worth a lot

The most successful profile pictures are honest, flattering, and recent.  Chose a picture that shows you doing something you love or that shows you with people you love. This provides the subliminal message that you have a fulfilling and enjoyable life.  Maybe you’ve got a shot of you and your friends hiking, or something from that once in a lifetime skydiving adventure!  And, if your pets or your kids are important to you, include pictures of them. 

You don’t have to look picture perfect. You just have to look genuinely like you.  

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