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Male Order

by Pril Gurney

He studied the menu and I studied him.  He had large buck teeth, a long nose and ears that were as near to being pointed as it was possible to be. He looked like a rabbit!! 

“I am a vegetarian” he stated a little unnecessarily. How could he be anything else, I wondered. Born into the part. I was a little tempted to laugh but as this was our first, and likely to be our last, date, I suppressed the mirth.

“I can only have a relationship with someone who does not eat FLESH.” He made the last word sound like a swear word.

“Why didn’t you mention it before.?” After all we had been emailing for some time. I knew all about his family, his interests, his dislikes etc. so why not this fairly important fact.

“I hoped you would agree to be the same.” He said and  I could have sworn his nose twitched! 

 When I met him,  I had instantly realised he was not for me and had wondered how to get out of it without being rude. Now he had given me a real get out.

“Sorry” I told him, “there is no chance of me ever giving up meat.”

To my surprise he rose to his feet and without further ado walked out of the pub, swinging his rear end where I had almost expected to see a white fluffy tail!!

He was not my first date after my marriage failed. Just one which I will always remember. And walking out on a lady is not uncommon I was to find. 

 You might think that I should have cut my losses, but I did like men, still do and at that time I was not happy being alone. 

There I was getting older every day and without a partner. Something had to be done, but where to start? A few weeks previous to my encounter with the ‘rabbit man’ I had stood before the bathroom mirror and surveyed the thing on I suppose I was quite lucky in that I still had a reasonable figure and two large and firm assets which had not suffered the sands of time too badly. I have at times been annoyed at men who think my brain is on my chest and that it is impossible to tear their eyes away and actually look me in the face! Legs still OK. Funny how legs don’t seem to change as much as the rest of you when you get older. A bit veiny maybe but the shape stays good. Ankles stay slim even while the waist disappears. Glad I had a tummy tuck though. Maybe lost the shape but there is still no flab. When everyone started asking me if I was tired, I had my eye lids done too. Great believer in plastic surgery. But not silly about it. I did once consider having my boobs reduced but I am glad I didn’t. They do help to make my waist look smaller! Complicated being a woman isn’t it! Yes I know it is the inside that counts in the end but  a bit of out and out sexy shape helps to start with, doesn’t it? 

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