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We are always trying to increase security awareness, and highlight how to spot scoundrels. We want you to stay safe, and we want your experience to remain fun.

We do everything in our power to prevent these people spoiling anyone's experience, which is why only 1 in 3 applicants are approved to join Expat Dating France. But unfortunately an occasional bad apple falls through the net, and this is when we rely on you to let us know if someone you're talking to raises suspicion. We will investigate discretely and act instantly.

The clever ones are the hardest to spot but there's always one common factor; they all end up asking for money. Every alarm bell should start ringing if that happens.

Below is an email from a scammer on our site who managed to get past our security checks but thankfully within 24 hours we were alerted by some of our wonderful, eagle eyed members and he was deleted immediately.

He sent this email after we deleted him.

"Dear *****

I’m sure by now you would have received a message/complaint about my profile (Parisinlove) been suspended from the website Expat Dating and I feel the need to address this officially as I’m sure this would surely affect my credibility with you put me in a bad light. I have also officially contacted the Administrator of the website to look into this and they have written back to express their concerns and offer me an apology for any inconveniences this may have caused me but they had to suspend my profile for not adhering to the rules and regulations on the website that warns against sharing private e mails. This is not about refunding my profile but a pure defamation of my character and I’m going to do everything to make sure they undo the damage they have caused my reputation because I didn’t mean to go against their rules. 

 Here is what happened. This is my first time on a dating website, first of all I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how the website works which took me a while until I finally figured how to subscribe and respond to messages, and its completely my fault for not reading the guidelines to know what I’m suppose to be doing or not to be doing while on the website which finally led to the violation of the website rules and regulations. Apparently I received couple of e mails from women and I wrote to some of them including yourself and gave out my e mail address to contact me because Its been difficult for me getting around the website. If you no longer want to continue chatting with me because of this I respect that and I would stop writing to you but I just feel there’s a need to address this so you fully understand what happened. I’m an honest person and a man of impeccable character, I’m very sorry and I want to apologise to you as I understand how you must have felt receiving such a message about me. I want to confirm to you that I stop chatting with the other women as soon as we started writing each other and I hope you can give me another chance to prove myself to you as my daughter advised not to give up on you if you are truly the one I want to be with. I just thought I let you know my thoughts on this issue and also to throw more light for you to perfectly understand that I’m not looking to play games with your heart as I’m a man of my word.

I felt so attached to you after reading more about you and I was hoping we can get to meet to know each other better to see what happens. If I don’t hear back from you I will perfectly understand and wish you all the best in your search.

Broken Heart.


The member he's writing to only sent one email before this scammer professes his love and commitment. Note the bad English and creepy tone of this guy. This is obviously not the work of a talented scammer, it is clear English is not his first language.

Needless to say this reply was all a complete fabrication and we have neither apologised nor will we ever allow him back on site. 

This second scary example is is not related to our website, but it did happen to one of our users on another dating website in the UK. 

"I was on the Surrey Advertisor dating site.  This is run by Global International in Windsor and links in with many of their other dating sites, so you can get people on there not just from Surrey, but from all over the UK.  This chap 'winked' at me.  He lived in Bakewell, Derbys.  He looked nice and his write up was good and intelligent.  To cut a long story short, we started chatting on the site, then to e-mail, then to Yahoo messenger and text.   A few days after we 'met' he said he had to go to Canada to quote on a job to project manage for a new shopping centre.  He offered to suspend our contact until he got back, but I agreed for it to continue.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, we kept in touch.  He quoted for the job and got it, then problems started with getting equipment in.  He didn't ask me for money, but I offered, as he had the so called back up to pay me back (he showed me a post dated cheque).  Of course it was all a scam.  It went on for 3 months before I realised.  He wove a sad family story of his Australian wife having been killed in a car accident.  His mother lived in Japan, and his daughter lived with her.  He sent photos. 

I checked out his house in the UK (renting) and the flat he was renting in Canada.  He was on FB.  His business was on FB.  All documents he sent about the job, including plans of the development seemed real.  He sent photos of the site and the work.  

There is lots more I could say, but that's it in a nutshell.  Things to look out for (that you probably know anyway)

-The person wants to go to e-mail straight away

-They like Yahoo Messenger to chat on

-The English can be good (this chap wrote intelligently), but there can be some very small grammatical mistakes

-Sometimes American phrases are used

-They call you Hun, terms of endearment quite quickly

I learned from the Police Inspector who came to see me that he had had 8 of us women on the go in Southern England.  He was possibly a Nigerian working out of Malaysian Internet Café's.  The police said the computer address seemed to come out of America, but with the so called 'dark net' this can actually be hidden.  Bank accounts were in Dubai, Malaysia and Canada.  It must have been a very well organised and carefully planned organisation."

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and above all be suspicious if money is discussed. Let us know if you have any concerns.

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