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There are a lot of things to consider when planning your first date.  But you don’t want to over think things so much that you forget what’s most important: meeting someone new and having a good time while you do it. Our guide to setting up your first date is designed to help you do just that while eliminating the stress of planning.


Begin at the Beginning


When you get excited about someone it’s easy to want to jump right in.  If that’s you, that’s great.  There’s nothing wrong with a little excitement in life.  But see if you can keep your enthusiasm while simultaneously taking things a bit more slowly.  Chat for a while online.  Then, start with a phone call.  Transitioning online relationships to face to face ones, can be awkward.  A phone call it a perfect transition step.  You might even consider having two or three.  The more you know each other, the more impactful and positive your first meeting is likely to be.


Location, Location, Location


Choose a relaxed pubic place to meet.  There is no need for you to pick up or be picked up.  Meeting there is perfectly acceptable.  It’s a safe and very simple step to take.  Be sure to let one friend or family member know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.  If you like, ask him or her to check in with you by text at a certain time. If you’re not sure where to meet, check out the next newsletter and we will go through a few suggestions.


Be on Time


We let our good friends get away with tardiness, but when making a first impression, timeliness is essential.  So is arriving relaxed.  If you’re flustered because you were rushing or annoyed because of traffic, it’s going to show and be a distraction. If you do end up running late, be sure to call or text.


Keep it Casual


This applies to dress and conversation. Select a location that allows for you to show your casual side.  You want to look put together without looking over-the-top.  An outfit that you feel great in is our top recommendation. If you need to, ask a friend for their opinion. When it comes to conversation, the idea is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s best to avoid heavy political topics, previous relationships, or complaining of any kind.  You want to be yourself, but understand that there are some topics that can wait.


End It in a Way that Feels Good


If you’ve had a great time and want to ask for a second date, tell them how you’re feeling!  If you aren’t sure about their reaction, or are still feeling a bit shy, simply let them know how much fun you’ve had. You can always touch base by phone later.  If you know for a fact that you don’t want a second date, the trick is to be truthful and yet positive.  Try to imagine what you’d want to hear if someone where delivering the same news to you.

Try and Relax. Good Luck.

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