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Finding your partner for life is priceless - so what does it take to find that sort of happiness?


All it really takes is being positive - here's a few helpful hints....


The key to success is all about reaching out and sharing yourself. Some people already realise this, others are a touch too reserved and wondering why they aren't getting very far.


Your profile photo says a lot, but it is like looking at the front of a house - it doesn't show the warm, comfortable, welcoming, friendly you within. It doesn't show your humour, your interests, your ideas or your talents.

You are much more than your profile image - so take steps to reveal all the many facets of who you are.


This is not as difficult as it seems - start by putting up more photos. Photos of yourself and of your world - where you have been, what interests you have, your pets, pastimes, artistic ability, even the view from your window - whatever !  Remember - if it interests you, it will interest others.


Photographs can illustrate much of who you are, but there is even more to you than that, so you need to go further

Open the door to the person you are behind the profile picture and allow your future partner to see the real you...and you see them because they should be doing the same thing!


It's about acting positive and a little effort from you can work miracles.

Suddenly someone realises they had not noticed you before. They realise you both have the same sense of humour, you like doing the same things, love the same places. They look twice, then some more and then who knows what can happen. Just do it - you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


And finally -well we all know that timing is the fickle factor.

If your future love is not here right now, they will be one day. You know you have done all you can. Keep checking in, keep your profile fresh and updated and when your future partner finally arrives on site, they can find you and you can find them. Meanwhile make the most of your time, make friends, get connected, get out there!


Think positive, act positive and when the time is right, all your efforts will pay off.

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